Sunday, 18 August 2013

Does height matter or not?

Im so funny about my height.. or rather my lack of it!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME SAD OKAY! well in this post im gonna be trying to think of excuses as to why I worry so much so enjoy.....

Does height really matter or does it not really matter at all how tall you are because it is your personality that counts right? Well in my last post about growing taller I touched on the subject of peoples perceptions and how a first impressions can be just based on how tall you are. I also explained about a psychological study conducted that proved how if someone thinks you are more dominant they also think hat you are taller than you are... You can read that post here.
Right so does height matter? Yes it does as height determines or helps to determine first impression.. for example in job interviews if the interviewer is looking down on the interviewee the this is not a good start as already the interviewer sees this persons as a lesser persons before the person even has chance to say anything to them. But it isnt all bad as with a bigger than life personality you can psychologically make people think that you are larger than life and gain height like this..... even though you mayn't be getting anyway taller. as the study I mentioned states those who seem more dominant often are seen to be taller.... so this all means if you dominate through personality you will be able to also seem taller...if other also see you dominating a social group you will seem to their eyes more dominant as well than the others and appear tall.
Whether you are cycling, hiking running or simply walking places you need a good pair of insoles such as gel ones, height increasing ones, heel, arch support or plantar fasciitis ones. You shouldn't have flat insoles as those ones that come as standard in your shoes aren't any good really.. and can just not offer the right support or protection that you need. Invest in some good insoles and be more comfortable and have right protection that you need.......... .

Football is back on tv but play it dont watch it..

Football is back on the tv but dont let this mean you dont play it for real or be lazy and just watch football all the time. Football maybe great to watch but its far better to play... I never get why some people enjoy watching football but never play it for themselves.. even if you are not the fittest person around you can still kick a ball right or be in the goal... Watching tv and not moving is really bad for your health...... yes football is good to watch but what is better and far more fun is to play it for yourself! Don't watch some overpaid morons make millions just kicking a ball around.... play football for yourself and get healthy whilst having fun! Plus the stress of seeing your favorite team loose surely isn't good for your health either right?..

Dont yoyo between dieting and not dieting

 Yoying between dieting and not dieting is bad as it can destroy all your hard work you have done if you go back to just eating junk food again.

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice. Being healthy means you must be committed and it isnt something that you can do one minute and then not do the next. Being healthy is something you must always do.. so yoyoing between dieting and not dieting is a nono. Eat healthy and nutritionally rich meals all the time.. dont slip up ever and eat quick ready meal junk food as this is bad and just having one bad meal can really be detrimental to your health. even if it doesn't seem like it at the time eating empty calories does harm your health as your body's equilibrium knocked out of place and this careful balance needs time to correct itself. So dont wreck your hard work by having junk food every now and again it just is not worth it.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Running is fun!

Sprinting 100m or a marathon both can be just equally as fun... although the 100metre runners tend to get more fame than the marathon runner's... running can be fun if you find that you get bored whilst running maybe it is because you just dont push yourself! By really pushing your self you will get more healthier and above all faster and better at running.. running with friends is also the best thing to do as you can have races to see who is the fastest!

Manual seo is far more effective

Dont spam you just run the risk of being caught and all your hard work gone! Instead write good quality articles by hand on a few blog that you set up and just concentrate on a couple high pr blogs that you should make and build on them without seo software spamming the entire internet.. spamming just makes other website owners angry and will report you to google for spamming! Iv stopped spamming as it is ineffective instead now i just make a few good quality blog and stick with them making them the best i can do and no connections to spam whatsoever! Making good quality articles brings in natural links anyway and real visitors!

Seo software reviews on programs you shouldnt waste your money on!

Seo software you shouldnt buy

Autocontent writer isnt very good at all. This despite only being £30 or so quid isnt worth the money at all... All it does is simply scrape a couple articles from some article website and mashes them together and puts images in them and links..... sounds good right but for seo this is near useless as big portions will be duplicate content and not very readable anyway. With no in built spinner and the reliance of other spinner apis when wicked article creator for the same price has all the features plus a in built spinner you are better of getting that one instead.

Dont waste you money on auto content writer! It never updated eithier... really laggy and the interface is just messy with stuff placed all over the place..........


Blog commenting hasn't worked with seo in a long time..... and neither has scrapebox... People say it is the most power fullest and best seo tool out there i say that it is a simple waste of money. It carnt search for expired domains.. alive checker is broken and doesnt work properly... you have to do stuff in batches.... you have to keep on going back to harvest and test new public proxies every mintue or so which takes forever......(unless you buy the automater plugin for even more money.......)
Scrapebox is never updated.

The only good thing about scrapebox is its artcle scraper "premium plugin" which you must buy this plugin alone makes scrapebox worth the money i guess but thats the only positive thing about scrapebox i can think of.

Twitter money bot

Twitter money bot is as much use as following people on twitter your self manually. Its useless! Yes it doesnt cost that much but it doesnt do much eithier! It can follow non followers but wiothout limits your accounts are quickly banned...... plus you got to manually click stuff to scrpae your user lists and then unfollow according to the user list.. why this canrt be automated i dont know!

There you have it three quick seo software reviews on software you shouldn't buy and why!