Saturday, 17 August 2013

Seo software reviews on programs you shouldnt waste your money on!

Seo software you shouldnt buy

Autocontent writer isnt very good at all. This despite only being £30 or so quid isnt worth the money at all... All it does is simply scrape a couple articles from some article website and mashes them together and puts images in them and links..... sounds good right but for seo this is near useless as big portions will be duplicate content and not very readable anyway. With no in built spinner and the reliance of other spinner apis when wicked article creator for the same price has all the features plus a in built spinner you are better of getting that one instead.

Dont waste you money on auto content writer! It never updated eithier... really laggy and the interface is just messy with stuff placed all over the place..........


Blog commenting hasn't worked with seo in a long time..... and neither has scrapebox... People say it is the most power fullest and best seo tool out there i say that it is a simple waste of money. It carnt search for expired domains.. alive checker is broken and doesnt work properly... you have to do stuff in batches.... you have to keep on going back to harvest and test new public proxies every mintue or so which takes forever......(unless you buy the automater plugin for even more money.......)
Scrapebox is never updated.

The only good thing about scrapebox is its artcle scraper "premium plugin" which you must buy this plugin alone makes scrapebox worth the money i guess but thats the only positive thing about scrapebox i can think of.

Twitter money bot

Twitter money bot is as much use as following people on twitter your self manually. Its useless! Yes it doesnt cost that much but it doesnt do much eithier! It can follow non followers but wiothout limits your accounts are quickly banned...... plus you got to manually click stuff to scrpae your user lists and then unfollow according to the user list.. why this canrt be automated i dont know!

There you have it three quick seo software reviews on software you shouldn't buy and why!

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