Sunday, 18 August 2013

Does height matter or not?

Im so funny about my height.. or rather my lack of it!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME SAD OKAY! well in this post im gonna be trying to think of excuses as to why I worry so much so enjoy.....

Does height really matter or does it not really matter at all how tall you are because it is your personality that counts right? Well in my last post about growing taller I touched on the subject of peoples perceptions and how a first impressions can be just based on how tall you are. I also explained about a psychological study conducted that proved how if someone thinks you are more dominant they also think hat you are taller than you are... You can read that post here.
Right so does height matter? Yes it does as height determines or helps to determine first impression.. for example in job interviews if the interviewer is looking down on the interviewee the this is not a good start as already the interviewer sees this persons as a lesser persons before the person even has chance to say anything to them. But it isnt all bad as with a bigger than life personality you can psychologically make people think that you are larger than life and gain height like this..... even though you mayn't be getting anyway taller. as the study I mentioned states those who seem more dominant often are seen to be taller.... so this all means if you dominate through personality you will be able to also seem taller...if other also see you dominating a social group you will seem to their eyes more dominant as well than the others and appear tall.

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