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How to grow taller explained in simple steps

Height is crucial to a persons perception of you.. if you are small you will forever be looked down on who ever you maybe. Physcologically people associate taller pople as being more dominant, healthier a better leader and more confident even if all this isnt true. Physcolhogoical studies have proven this theory that height on first impression helps to determine what people think of you..or the opposite way around if someone is told beforehand that someone is more dominant people will then view that person as being more dominant and thus taller too.

Just being viewed as being more dominant can make you appear taller than you are physiologically to other people!
There is a strong link and has been shown through experiments that links dominance with height for example:
A simple experiment was carried out a couple of years ago in a university where a two  groups of students where introduced to a man, in the first instance the man was introduced as a professor and to the other group he was introduced as a student like them. The students where then asked to guess the mans height afterwards...The group of students who thought he was a professor on average determined his height was considerably taller than the students who just thought he was one of them. More experiments like these would have to carried out to draw up any accurate conclusions but as you can rightly see there is a strong link between height and dominance. Those students who where told he was a professor then automatically thought of the man as being more dominant than them even though he was not.

If you can simply get the word around that you are more dominant than the rest people will think you are taller than you are.. however this maynot work for those who do not know you are have been told beforehand about your domincane.
Dominance can however be created through confidence! If you are more confident than other individuals around you then you will look like the more dominant one and taller!

Stretching exercises is the next step you can try to help you get taller

Stretching exercises can take on many different forms from simply exercise like yoga all the way to sports like basketball which are kinda fun to play if you dont mind me saying.
Anyway stretching exercises can help because stretching out your body can improve flexibility and the body's ability to cope under gravity.. gravity can drag you down and compress your body with stretching exercises this becomes less of a problem and will decompress and expand the gap between joints in your bones simply by strengthening the muscles around these parts. With stronger muscles the bones and joints wont become as compressed together because they will have better resistance against gravity compressing them.
If you dont believe me about the effect of gravity then simply measure yourself in the morning and you will find that you are far taller in the morning than you are at night because whilst you sleep you body isn't being compressed together but during the day your body get squeezed by gravity.

Height increasing insoles

Okay, you have either heard of these to make you taller or not.. let me explain what they are to distinguish any confusion you may have.. Height increasing insoles better known as heel lifts are a solution that the celebs use to gain extra height and make themselves appear taller.... those sneaky celebs.. but i bet you didn't know that they wear them right? because they are hidden! A pair of height insoles will only set you back about £10 from a online retailer.. i have no clue where you would buy them on the high street so dont ask.
These insoles are very comfortable, dont weight you down when you got them on.. can even be adjusted in height.. yeah i know it sounds crazy but you can effectively change how tall you are when ever you want. 3 inches is what you can gain when wearing them, and not only that they dont damage your feet like high heels do.. because of the way they are made and why.. shoe lifts were adapted from medical product called heel lifts that where used for leg length discrepancy's heel lifts then had to be worn to support and protect the feet of patients all day for constant use and should not cause pain or damage whilst wearing them... orthotics then where added to the design to help achieve this and to this day orthotics are still used in shoe lifts and provide support like extra arch support and even offer shock absorption to stop damaging shock from reaching your foot and causing damage something normal insoles just dont do... you safer in a pair of shoe lifts than you are in your normal insoles that are flat and have a rubbish design.

Height increasing insoles can be bought ina range of different styles from half insoles to full insoles.. made from different material like foam, rubber and gel.. it is best to find a pair that you feel most comfortable in.

Here is the pair of height increasing insoles I recommend

I decided to exclude diet from the steps as i thought that diet is more a preventative measure to stop stunted growth and doesn't help with growing taller once you have stopped naturally growing taller. But diet is very important for a healthy lifestyle and helps you live longer! Malnutrition DOES cause stunted growth and you should have a well balanced and healthy diet whilst you grow.

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